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The recommendations with regards to the value of kindly attitudes for leaders are: 

  • Kindly attitudes are important for self-gain:
  • By being kind, you are more likely to receive professional growth opportunities because your kindly attitudes will be appreciated by others. 
  • Kind individuals are listened to more than unkind individuals; unkind individuals are likely to lose impact and influence because of their undesirable attitudes.
  • Kind individuals are more likely than unkind individuals to be helped and supported, leading to more opportunities for growth.
  • Kindly attitudes have intrinsic value because being kind is empowering and makes you feel good; it confirms the value of your character. 
  • Kindly attitudes are important for philanthropic reasons
    • Being kind is a moral obligation; through being kind you can help others, whether it be emotionally, physically, or financially. 
    • Kindly attitudes are especially important in the Black community because Black individuals already deal with a lot of injustice and prejudice.
    • Although being kind is important, it is not always easy to be so.
    • To remain kind, it is crucial for an individual not to take things too personally.