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Based on your answers, the following recommendations can be made as to how perseverance may serve leaders: 

  • Perseverance is a much-needed and expected trait because projects often follow a chain-like structure, and when one person in the chain does not persevere, this may impact the project as a whole. 
  • Perseverance has extrinsic value: superiors notice and appreciate individuals who are determined and persevere through a difficult task, and may be more inclined to offer growth opportunities for these individuals. 
  • Perseverance has intrinsic value: perseverance leads to the successful completion of a task, which increases self-confidence and contributes to a positive self-image and personal satisfaction. 
  • Though perseverance is important, a healthy balance between perseverance and acceptance is crucial. Individuals need to avoid comparing themselves to others and must be able to recognize when the pressure they put on themselves becomes too much. 
  • The rule of perseverance is especially relevant in the context of African Americans, as individuals from this group are more likely to be disadvantaged in terms of available resources.