The 12 Inch Rule of Leadership

Get real world tips and tricks from leaders in manufacturing, financial services, government, higher education, k-12 education, entrepreneurship, and ministry who have applied the rule, and as a result, achieved the recognition, career progression, and compensation they dreamed of.

Learn how to apply twelve principles that will help you find your leadership voice, get the recognition you deserve and stop getting passed over for promotion. 

12 Inch Rule of Leadership

The 6 Sigma Way

This important resource translates the popular Six Sigma methodologies, tools, and techniques in a way that is customized specifically for the design,   implementation, and measurement of employee development programs. A proven alternative to the Kirkpatrick Model, this new model offers a more effective method for designing and testing the effectiveness of training.  

The book presents tools in a user-friendly and understandable format that is tailored for implementation in the development and measurement of employee learning programs. Step-by-step, Developing and Measuring Training the Six Sigma Way walks the reader through the highly effective and proven DMADDI™ process.

Agile Methodology for Developing & Measuring Learning: Training Development for Today’s World

This book can help transform your training development methodology into one that allows you to rapidly respond to ever changing business needs. It will teach you how to deliver learning solutions that are both timely and effective. It will introduce you to a flexible development technique, one that allows you to keep pace with fast changing business conditions. It will show you how to achieve better collaboration with your business partners.

 It will help you create empowered, self-organizing, cross functional teams that can distill large training efforts into smaller components that can then be developed and delivered over multiple iterations. Finally, this book will help you assess if the organizational structure of your training department is optimized to support the needs of your company.

Podcasting 101 for Training and Development: Challenges, Opportunities and Solutions

Podcasting can help you revolutionize the way you deliver training. This groundbreaking book provides an innovative approach to designing and developing podcasts that can improve employees’ productivity by providing them with easy-to-access up-to-date information. The book is designed to help you to decide if podcasting is the right solution for the business challenge that your organization is facing, and then guide you to make the right decisions in selecting the software and hardware that you will use to create your podcasts.

Podcasting 101 for Training and Development includes critical information about the legal issues surrounding podcast development, contains an approach to developing podcasts that will ensure that your podcasts make a positive business impact, and teaches you how to plan, record, edit, and publish a training podcast.